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Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital

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Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital

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Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital

Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital co., LTD registered in November 2016, has the registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine which inherits the quintessence of Chinese culture and treats patients with high-end demand. It has been approved as the second class Chinese medicine hospital by Beijing Changping District Health and Family Planning Commission. The construction area of Building 1 and Building 3 is more than 60 thousands square meters. Moreover, it has 300 beds and the number of staff is 363, including doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

The main departments include : internal medicine department (major in cardiovascular medicine, major in nephrology), surgical department, obstetricians and gynaecologists department (major in gynecology), oncology department, laboratory medicine department, radiology department, integrated department Chinese and Western medicine, Chinese medicine department (internal, surgery, gynecology, pediatric, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation department).

Hospital's Four Characteristics

1. First-class team of experts.

(1)International Expert Consultation Center of 100 professors, is headed by Daning Zhang, Yaoxian Wang, Xiaohong Cheng, Hongtao Yang and Hang Li.

(2)International Expert Consultation Centre of Cerebrovascular Disease, Xingquan Zhao of Beijing Tiantan hospital.

(3)International Expert Consultation Centre of Cardiovascular Disease, including 30 professors headed by Mingying Wu of Beijing Tongren Hospital.

(4)International Expert Consultation Centre of Cancer, including 30 professors headed by Lijuan Niu of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital.

2. Special treatment.

The overall idea of Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital is to serve special patient group with high end equipment and top specialists.

The general idea is a aggregation in which it is started with international patient, and then driven by domestic and foreign high-end group.

3.First-rate equipment and hardware.

All the equipment is equipped within a year. It includes ECT, CT, CR and MR. Configuration method: self mining and cooperation.

4. Excellent service.

(1) Standard Listed Hospital.

(2) Superior doctor,nurse and translator team.

(3) Intellectualized system is put into use in pre-hospital, hospital, after hospital discharge.

(4) High charge and superior services.

We provide a hospital environment that is modern, clean and safe conducive to care and recovery; and a good place to work.

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