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What Does Creatinine 12 in Female Mean

I am 31 years old, female and have 2 children, one is 3 years old and the other is 5. My serum creatinine is 12 and the doctor say that I need to take dialysis. But I have no urine problem and I suffer no fever except pains and fatigue.

The Doctor Answered:

Referential creatinine for female is 0.5-1mg/dl and creatinine level of 12 indicates severe renal damage. Chinese medicine is effective at lowering creatinine naturally.

Though the criterion of serum creatinine vary from country to country and from hospital to hospital, the general normal value range is from 0.5-1mg/dl for female, so you can see that your creatinine level is already too high that you do need to take dialysis to help discharge the excessive creatinine and other metabolic wastes out of the body or they will in turn poison your kidneys and other organs. The reason why you have no obvious symptoms may be due to your physical condition or daily diets. If you have much muscle or you eat lot of meat everyday, they creatinine will also be increased, but the root cause is the kidney damages resulting in the fall of the glomerular filtration ability and the accumulation of creatinine in the body.

Dialysis does have good effects on lowering creatinine, however the effect can not last long since it is just a machine and it can not do any improvements to the kidneys. The creatinine will once again increase after a period of time because the body will produce creatinine continuously, therefore patients should not only rely on dialysis or the remaining renal functions will be gradually lost after long term’s dialysis.

What you should do at present is first take dialysis to help lower the creatinine and clear the internal environment for more effective treatments to take effects. Chinese herbal medicines are effective on repairing kidney damages so as to decrease serum creatinine from the root. It has the functions of clearing blood stasis, dilating blood vessels and speeding up blood flow in the body so as to improve the hypoxia and ischemia and provide enough necessary nutrition for repairing and regenerating renal intrinsic cells and tissues and rebuilding renal structure and functions.

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