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Is Egg White Good for People with PKD

I was just diagnosed with PKD last week. My doctor told me that a healthy diet plays an important role in my whole treatment, but he didn’t say what I can eat or not eat. Therefore, today I want to ask “is egg white good for people with

The Doctor Answered:

Is Egg White Good for People with PKDWhether you can eat some certain food is decided by its nutrition and patients’ condition. Generally, a low-salt, low-protein, low-fat and high-vitamin diet is recommended for people with PKD and if their potasium or phosphorus level is higher than the normal, they should also limit the intake of potassium and phosphorus. Egg white belongs to high-protein food, so today we mainly talk about what kind of protein is good for people with PKD.

Normally, the healthy kidney is responsible to remove protein products from the body. If the kidney is damaged, too much protein wastes will increase the burden on the kidney largely. Therefore, low-protein diet doesn’t mean patients should limit all protein food. In fact, patients with PKD should consume moderate high-quality protein rather than high-quantity protein. Egg white is a kind of high-quality protein food. Generally, one egg white one daily is good for these patients with PKD, but it can’t meet patients’ protein need every day that is to say, patients should eat some other foods to supply protein. The kinds of other foods varies for different patients.

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