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What Should I Do with Recurring Kidney Cyst Over 4 CM

I am looking for recurring kidney cyst, because mine is back and over 4 cm. What should I do to deal with it?

The Doctor Answered:

What Should I Do with Recurring Kidney Cyst Over 4 CMMost often, kidney cyst isn’t on life-threatening kidney disorder, and it won’t cause any problems unless it is bigger than 3 cm or ruptures. Since your kidney cyst has grown into 4 cm, some medical treatments should be taken to remove or drain your kidney cyst.

From your description, I guess you have done surgery to remove your kidney cyst before, because you said you have recurring kidney cyst. Thereby, it is necessary for me to tell you how surgery works for kidney cyst. Doctors use one long needle to puncture kidney cyst via skin and drain sac fluid, but fluid may fill into empty sac again easily. Hence, you suffer from recurring kidney cyst again and again.

In view of this, you can try Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can not only remove sac fluid but also prevent the fluid from filling into cyst again. Besides, TCM nearly has no side effects, so you can take it safely with online doctor’s prescription.

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