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What Should Patients Do to Cope with Kidney Cyst 4.5 cm

I have a kidney cyst 4.5 cm and I’m suffering from back pain for the recent two weeks. What should I do to cope with this disease? Can I get rid of the pain? I need your help.

The Doctor Answered:

What Should Patients Do to Cope with Kidney Cyst 4.5 cmSincerely thanks for your question. Now, I will provide you with a detailed answer.

4.5 cm kidney cyst is not an incurable disease. With the enlargement of cyst, most of the patients may suffer from some symptoms such as back pain, kidney pain, high blood pressure, anemia and so on. But you can keep away from this disease and avoid the pains to live a normal life as long as you can adopt a medical and proper treatment.

Speaking of medical treatment, I would like to recommend you a natural therapy named hot compress therapy. It has the function of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, decreasing oppression of cyst, repairing kidney lesion and so on. Through a period of treatment, your pain can disappear gradually. And we can achieve the purpose of shrinking 4.5 cm renal cyst and improving renal function effectively.

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