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Can PKD Only Affect One Kidney

I was diagnosed with PKD last year, but ultrasound showed only one of my kidneys has cysts. My urologist thinks it will remain that way. I am wondering if this is a true statement and should I worry about it in the future it?

The Doctor Answered:

can pkd only affect one kidneyPKD is a genetic kidney disorder which usually causes fluid-filled cysts in two kidneys. These cysts enlarge over time and impair kidney function. When kidney function decreases to a certain stage, end stage kidney failure is caused and dialysis or kidney transplant will be needed. Mostly, PKD involves two kidneys and it is rare for one with PKD to have cysts only in one kidney. But according to clinic record, there is indeed such a PKD case in which cysts only appear in one kidney.

PKD is a genetic kidney problem, so is there anyone in your family has this kidney problem? Do the cysts only appear in one kidney? If yes, then it is very likely that you suffer from PKD only in one kidney. Even so, I suggest you to do physical examination regularly, so as to know if your another kidney is affected. If it is unfortunately affected someday, an effective treatment will be needed to shrink kidney cysts, so as to avoid kidney failure. In such a case, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be adopted to deal with cysts in kidney.


Besides, adjust your diet and try to avoid foods that may cause extra burden to your kidney. According to your current illness condition, you need to follow low-protein diet and low-salt diet. If your lab tests show high level of phosphorus or low level of potassium, you need to adjust potassium intake and phosphorus intake as well.

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