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How Can Kidney Cysts Be Treated

Question: Hi! I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for pain or cramps on my lower left abdomen and the doctor did a urine test. The result is I have blood in my urine. She send me for X-ray for my kidney and found 2 cysts in my left kidney.

The Doctor Answered:

How Can Kidney Cysts Be TreatedThank you for the inquiry. Kidney cysts is a natural lesion that is a round pouch filled with fluid. You do not worry if it is less than 2cm and cause no symptoms. Since you are experiencing blood in the urine, you need immediate treatment.

Our hospital—Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital has committed to treat kidney cyst by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Treatment varies based on how big the cysts are.

Blood in the urine means the cysts get infected or rupture. When the cyst grows to a large size (more than 3-5cm), it will compress the nearby tissues and may lead to the burst of blood vessels on the walls of kidney cyst cells. Then, you are diagnosed with hematuria (blood in the urine). Here, I will give you some suggestions. However, you’d better consult our doctor, or you can email to for details.

Firstly, you can take some Chinese herbal tea. Dandelion, nettle, uva-uris (bearberry) can be taken because they have the anti-inflammation properties and they are always uses as diuretics. These herbs can help the kidneys discharge more cystic fluid.

Secondly, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is natural and effective treatment. It is used externally and have the function of improving blood circulation and kidney function. Compared with western medicines, this therapy is more natural and effective.

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