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What Will Happen If 28mm Renal Cyst Bursts

I have 28mm cysts inside my right kidney. I took a blow to the abdomen a week ago.I can not run or it hurts a lot. It doesn’t hurt to move or breath.Does it sound like the kidney cysts might have burst?

The Doctor Answered:

What Will Happen If 28mm Renal Cyst BurstsBased on your information, I cannot give you an exact answer, since your discomforts can be caused by enlargement of renal cyst. However, if the pain appears suddenly and is sharp, you are very likely to have ruptured cyst. Here is a genera introduction of symptoms of ruptured kidney cyst. Any other questions, you can email to

There are some symptoms of kidney cyst burst:

-Pain: Pain is the commonest and most prominent symptom of ruptured kidney cyst. It can be acute and excruciating or dull and aching pain. The pain locate in the back, flank, groin, and can travels up to the abdomen. Kidney infection due to rupture or bleeding can also give rise to pain.

- Hematuria (blood in urine): If you notice your urine is red, dark brown or cola-colored, it means the cyst has ruptured or become hemorrhagic.

- Infection: If you have urinary tract infection, you may feel painful feeling during urination. Sometime, chills and fever may also occur.

We treat kidney cyst by traditional Chinese herbs, which are more natural and effective than oral over-the-counter medicines. Any questions, contact my at any time.

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