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Diet for People with IC and ADPKD

Are you familiar with IC? I have IC and ADPKD so I am just trying to merge both diets into one. Can you help me?

The Doctor Answered:

Diet for People with IC and ADPKDYes, I know IC which is the abbreviation of interstitial cystitis. And ADPKD refers to Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. They are two independent diseases, but they both belong to urinary system problems. As for diet, they have some same diet restrictions as well as some conflicts. Let’s take a look at the general guidance of diet for IC and ADPKD.

● Take Control of Potential Dietary Triggers with IC

-Avoid foods and drinks the contain caffeine or alcohol

-Avoid aged, canned, treatmentd, processed, and smoked meats and fish

-Avoid most nuts

-Avoid spicy foods

-Avoid acidic foods and drinks

-Avoid anything with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame

-Avoid anything with preservatives, such as citric acid and monosodium glutamate (MSG)

● Dietary restriction for ADPKD

-Limit sodium intake to less than 2 grams each day.

-Control protein intake. The general recommended amount is 0.6-0.8 gram per kg of body weight each day.

-Avoid spicy foods like chili, raw onion and mustard, etc.

-Avoid fatty foods

-Better stay away from alcohol and smoking

-Potassium and phosphorous-rich food may also be reduced

I cannot list every food that you can or cannot eat, since you have your own illness condition. You can email to us at, enclosing your test report, and we can give you some detailed suggestions.

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