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PKD, Creatinine 608, Hgb 11.7, Glucose Random 6.3

I have PKD based on ultrasound, but there is no other member in my family has it. Now creatinine is 608, Hgb 11.7 and glucose random is 6.3. Please help me!

The Doctor Answered:

From what you have described, the following is the analysis and some suggestions for your current illness conditions.


Normal creatinine is 53-140, so we can see that your creatinine is much higher than the normal range. If creatinine continues to become even higher, you need to have proper treatment to bring it well under control to prevent further deterioration. For PKD patients, only the root problem-renal cysts are solved can high creatinine be lowered effectively. Chinese medicines can on one hand promote the excretion of creatinine from the kidneys but also can shrink these renal cysts so as to relieve symptoms and protect kidney functions.

Hgb (hemoglobin)

Normal Hgb level for children is 11-13, for adults 12-18 and for the elderly it is 11.7-14.9, therefore we can see that you suffer from mild anemia. Loss of kidney functions can cause reduced production of erythropoietin; excess accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins can further affect the normal life span of the red blood cells. That is why PKD causes anemia. You can help improve Hgb and relieve symptoms by have proper foods and drugs.

Glucose random

The normal range for random glucose level should be less than 7, therefore you need not to worry your blood sugar level. If you want to further make sure whether you have blood sugar problem, you can check your fasting blood sugar and two-hour postprandial blood sugar.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help improve Hgb, reduce high creatinine levels by shrinking renal cysts and improving renal functions. For PKD patients, it is recommended that early treatment should be sought. The earlier the treatment is received, the shorter the treatment course is and the better the curative effect is.

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