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Natural Herbal Treatments for 4cm Kidney Cysts Without Surgery

My grandpa is affected by renal cysts and the largest cyst is of size 4 cm in left kidneys and I am not sure to do surgery as it will only tear out bigger cysts and can’t do anything with smaller ones. Please recommend us the natural herba

The Doctor Answered:

Natural Herbal Treatments for 4cm Kidney Cysts Without Surgery Hello, friend. From your words, I can see that you love your grandpa very much. You are so considerate. Because surgery is indeed a good way to treat kidney cysts patients, especially the elderly people.

Disadvantages of surgery for kidney cysts patients.

The small cysts will grow up when the big ones are eliminated through operations. When these small cysts grow up, another operation will be needed again. Repeated surgeries will aggravate patients’ conditions and delay the treatments.

Natural herbal treatments for renal cysts patients.


Acupuncture is one of Traditional Chinese Medicine which help alleviate the symptoms of kidney cysts, such as Back Pain, Proteinuria, High Blood Pressure, etc. It also takes additional effects, such as improving appetite and sleep quality.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a new development of Chinese Herbal Medicine which help shrink kidney cysts naturally with help of osmosis device. The active ingredients of the treatments can help expand blood vessels around the cysts, fight against inflammation, prevent coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix, and increase permeability of cysts wall. The active materials also have a all-round blocking-up to kidney fibrosis through improving blood-supply of kidneys and tissues. Under such a conditions, kidney cysts can be shrunk naturally.

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