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FAQs about PKD & Kidney Cysts

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I am the only one in my family with PKD and I was told there is no cure in India. Is that true? Would you please help me find a cure for PKD?

The Doctor Answered:

Hi, so sorry to hear you are suffering PKD. PKD is a genetic kidney disorder and passed down from generation to generation. But clinic statistic shows in about 10% of cases, PKD patients have no family history, so it is possible for people with no family history to PKD.

Just as you have heard, there is no treatment for PKD, as it is related with gene mutation and so far no treatment can help to remove PKD gene. But please do not worry, although this genetic problem can not be treatmentd, it can be stopped from progressing to kidney failure with some Chinese medicines like micro-Chinese medicine.

PKD can cause formation of cysts in kidney. These cysts enlarge over time and put pressure on surrounding kidney tissues. Affected kidney tissues become unable in working properly, leading to the decrease of kidney function. Kidney is an important organ and play crucial role in a normal life. Therefore, if your kidney function is impaired seriously, your will suffer from various symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, blood urine and anemia and so on. Also, PKD is easily accompanied with complications like kidney stone, urinary tract infection, liver cyst and acute kidney failure and so on.

Micro-Chinese medicines treats PKD by shrinking these kidney cysts. When kidney cysts are shrunk, further kidney damages are avoided and PKD is stopped. PKD is a chronic kidney problem and the earlier the patient receive treatment, the better the treatment effects. Therefore, even if there is no treatment for PKD, you need to take medical treatment as early as possible and this will help you preserve most of the residual kidney function.

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