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FAQs about PKD & Kidney Cysts

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Multiple Kidney Cyst, High Blood Pressure, Protein in Urine

I am a patient of multiple kidney cyst. Recently, my blood pressure suddenly increases, so I went to hospital for examination and there was told I have protein in urine. Is that serious?

The Doctor Answered:

Multiple kidney cyst cause kidney damages easily when the cysts grow up to a certain size. Do you know the size of your biggest cyst? Both high blood pressure and protein in urine can occur due to kidney damages, so you are probably suffering decrease of kidney function. Do you have the test reports? You can send to and our experts will help you analysize and then give you some practical suggestions.

For kidney problem caused by multiple kidney cyst, there are mainly two treatment methods: one is surgery and another one is Chinese medicine.

Surgery is especially effective for big cysts that grow in the outter part of kidney. It treats kidney cyst by draining the cystic fluid and then inject some alcohol to dry the cystic wall. This can remove kidney cyst radically, but clinical experiments show when big kidney cysts are removed, small kidney cyst enlarge quickly as there is enough space for them to grow up. Besides, symptoms like high blood pressure and protein in urine can not be remitted eternally.

Chinese medicine is a conservative treatment. Differently from surgery, it treats multiple kidney cyst by shrinking kidney cyst. Kidney damages are caused as these large cysts put pressure on kidney tissues and make them unable in working. Therefore, shrinking kidney cyst also help to prevent further kidney damages. Besides, with Chinese medicines, blood pressure can be decreased and protein in urine can be reduced effectively. But compared with surgery, Chinese medicine works slowly.

With different treatment method, patients can receive different treatment effects, so it is of great importance for multiple kidney cyst to know well about these two treatment methods before they make their decision.

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