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Lower Back Pain, Kidney Cyst 8cm, Protein In Urine

I have severe lower back pain, so went to hospital where I was told I have a 8cm cyst in kidney. Also, in urine, they found protein, so what does it mean?

The Doctor Answered:

Lower back pain is the dominant symptom of kidney cyst which can cause damages on kidney. Kidney damage can cause protein in urine, but it is not the only cause. Many other illness conditions like kidney infection and urinary tract infection also can cause presence of excess protein in urine. In terms of your case, it is very likely that your protein in urine is caused by the cyst, as 8cm kidney cyst is very large.

For kidney cyst smaller than 4cm, no medical treatment is needed and what patients can do is to put it under observation to see if they are enlarging. If they are enlarging and causing serious kidney damages, surgery or Chinese medicines can be applied to deal with them. Since you have protein in urine now, I suggest you to some further tests like kidney damage test and toxins in blood test to see if these protein occurs due to kidney damages. Besides, if your protein leak into urine becasue of kidney damages caused by kidney cyst, you may experience many other symptoms like high blood pressure and blood in urine. And even if there is no kidney damages, I suggest you to receive some medical measures to treat the kidney cyst, so as to protect your kidneys from being damaged.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new usage of Chinese herbs which have been proven to be effective in shrinking kidney cyst. When kidney cyst gets shrunk, kidney damages are avoided and also potential problems and symptoms like lower back pain and protein in urine are avoided as well.

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