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Mild Fatty Liver, Cortical Renal Cyst, Kidney Stone

The ultrasound result of my brother in law says mild fatty liver, cortical renal cyst in right and kidney stone. What does this mean? Do we have to worry?

The Doctor Answered:

Mild fatty liver usually occurs as a consequence of too much fat building up in the liver. According to relevant research, men have a higher incidence of fatty liver that women. At present, abusing alcohol, obesity, diabetes, tiredness, insomnia, imbalance of gastrointestinal functions, etc, all can contribute to the causes of fatty liver.

Until now, the exact cause of cortical renal cyst is still unknown, but people above 50 years old are more likely to be diagnosed with simple kidney cyst as well as cortical renal cyst. When all the kidney cysts are small, people can live normally without any symptom. However, when these kidney cysts become bigger than 3cm and continue to grow, they will replace more and more kidney normal tissues. As a result, many complications occur, so does kidney stone.

If one person has mild fatty liver, cortical renal cyst and kidney stone simultaneously, a healthy lifestyle and treatment to shrink renal cyst are both needed. A healthy lifestyle including diet aims to ease patient’s fatty liver. As for treatment to shrink kidney cyst, we recommend herbal medicines such as ground beeltle and rhizoma sparganii that can inhibit the cyst lining cells, which has the function of secreting cyst fluid. What’s more, some other herbal medicines are also used to dissolve the kidney stone so that it can discharged from the body via urine.

However, different people need different medicines. You can first describe to your condition to us and then we will give you suggestion in detail.

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