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2 Large Polycystic Kidneys After Kidney Transplant

I was diagnosed with PKD several decades ago. I have done kidney transplant two years ago, but now my doctor tells me I still have 2 large polycystic kidneys and high blood pressure. What should I do?

The Doctor Answered:

In most cases, Polycystic Kidney Disease doesn’t recur after kidney transplantation. Only in a small part of cases, patients have 2 large polycystic kidneys again, because their abnormal genes affect the transplanted kidney or this kidney also has PKD. If either of them occurs, patients have to do dialysis again without any specific treatment.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments to help these patients solve this problem. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy are two common choices. Each of them has their own advantages.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims to shrink kidney cysts with the help of external application herbal medicines. Putting the crushed medicines into two small packets and then placing them under patients’ lower back area. The effective ingredients can reach patients’ kidney and cysts directly. Over the time, more and more sac fluid will reabsorbed via blood circulation and then kidney cysts are shrunk gradually.

Immunotherapy: It is often used when nearly all of patient’s kidney function has lost where the kidneys can’t do their job normally and kidney replacement treatment are needed. Combining the essence of western medicines and herbal medicines, Immunotherapy can not only cleanse blood but also repair the damaged kidney tissues. With improved kidney function, patients can maintain their normal life depending on their own kidney.

If you find you have two large polycystic kidneys after kidney transplant, don’r worry. Many kidney experts are always here to give you biggest help. Any problem? Feel free to let us know.

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