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Multiple Cortical Cysts, Kidney Stone, Lower Back Pain

Doctor, I have multiple cortical cysts on both kidneys and one kidney stone in right kidney. I can feel the cyst with my hand. Aside from the lower back pain, I get cramp sometimes and tiredness quickly. I want to know how to ease these symp

The Doctor Answered:

Please, don’t worry! Many other patients also suffer from these problems. Firstly, we had better make clear what are multiple cortical cysts. Generally speaking, multiple cortical cyst is not a simple disease but belongs to Polycystic Kidney Disease or simple renal cyst. Most of them belong to the later form.

Different from Polycystic Kidney Disease, multiple cortical cysts grow in the renal cortex and contain body fluid which is like plasma or includes red blood cells in it. Therefore, multiple cortical cysts have less risk to cause severe complications than PKD.

However, when some of cortical cysts become bigger than 3cm, the stomach will become more hard than before. Large cysts is the root reason why you can feel the cyst with your hand. In this situation, some kidney normal tissues are replaced by these cysts and can’t produce urine optimally. As a result, excess calcium builds up in the body and forms kidney stone easily. As for lower back pain, it occurs as a consequence of nerve in the kidneys dragged by multiple cysts.

Now, we have know why you have the above symptoms. Large kidney cysts are the root causes of them, so treatments to shrink these cysts but not damage the kidney tissues are effective for to avoid more severe complications and improve life quality.

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