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PKD Nearing Transplant Stage, Little Urine, 48 Years Old

I am 48 years old and has Polycystic Kidney Disease. Now, my PKD is nearing transplant stage, because I have little urine, low GFR, high creatinine and BUN level and some other symptoms. I am looking for remedies to delay kidney transplant.

The Doctor Answered:

Generally, people with PKD have kidney failure by age 60, but you have suffered from kidney failure by age 48. In view of this, well control of your complications and kidney function improvement is the most effective way to delay or even avoid your kidney transplant.

Since PKD has become the forth cause of kidney failure, how to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant is the biggest concern of many patients. Therefore, a lot of kidney experts work together to strive to create a new treatment.

Fortunately, such an effective treatment indeed form in this year. It is called the therapy of blood stasis. Absorbing the advantages of blood purifications and oral medications, the waste products both in the blood vessels and vascular wall can be eliminated from the body thoroughly. Keeping a clean environment in a long time can provide a good basis for the following treatment, and lower high creatinine and BUN level obviously and effectively.

The next step of this therapy is to use some Chinese herbal medicines to increase the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells. Rheum officinale, cordyceps and many other medicines are widely used in this step. The accurate prescription should depend on your specific condition.

Besides, many other assistant managements such as medicated bath, acupuncture, cupping, massage may be also used to ease your symptoms such as back pain and headache. After the treatment, you can find you can get many benefits from it.

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