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FAQs about PKD & Kidney Cysts

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Kidney Cyst, High Uric Acid and Creatinine, Low Haemoglobin

I am right now in the hospital because my kidney cysts have caused some healthy problems. The signs so far includes swollen bodies, uric acid 9.5, creatinine 14.3, low haemoglobin and high cholesterol. I want to know about your services.

The Doctor Answered:

According to the information about your condition that you have given to me, your kidney cysts must be quite big. The reason is that most of kidney cysts both renal cortical cysts and parapelvic cysts are benign and they usually don’t cause any symptom unless one of them is too large or ruptures.

Now, your uric acid and creatinine level is much higher than the normal. If you don’t take excess protein recently, uric acid 9.5 and creatinine 14.3 means your condition has developed into kidney failure. In addition, you may also have anemia because of your low hemoglobin. In view of this, a healthy diet and a therapy that can cleanse your blood and shrink your kidney cysts is very necessary.

A healthy diet: Usually, low protein and low salt are most basic requirements for people with kidney disease. However, since you have had server symptoms, some specific requirements such as consuming more fruits and vegetables such as cranberry and celery are also helpful to your high uric acid and creatinine level. If you still don’t have a healthy diet plan, you can send email to and then I can help you make it.

The therapy of treating unhealthy blood: When a large part of kidney function is lost, the kidneys can’t do their work normally. This new therapy is able to remove the wastes depositing in the blood thoroughly. In addition, some medicines are also used to repair the damaged kidney cells and prompt the regeneration of new cells. With a systemic treatment, your condition can be improved largely.

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