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How to Lower Creatinine 8.0 for End Stage Kidney Disease

My wife has ESRD and her creatinine level is 8, so her doctor said she must do kidney transplant and undergo dialysis before surgery. But he didn't notice anything about how to lower her creatinine level. Also, is dialysis a must for her?

The Doctor Answered:

Now, your wife’s creatinine level has been much higher than 5.0 in which doctor may recommend patients to start dialysis, but high creatinine level shouldn’t be the only indicator that decide when patients have to begin dialysis.

If your wife has other severe symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, she had better begin dialysis earlier to remove excess wastes from the body so as to prevent them from damaging kidney further and other organs. However, if your wife don’t have too much complications and she still has urine, dialysis or kidney transplant shouldn’t be a must. Correct treatment and healthy diet can make it possible for her to avoid them.

Treatment suggestion: In this year, a great therapy for ESRD, called the therapy of blood stasis, is created. Compared with dialysis, it can not only purify blood more thoroughly but also normalize patients’ haematogenous mechanism and repair the damaged kidney cells. With the help of correct blood purification and medicines, the waste products both in the blood vessels and sticking to vascular walls can be eliminated completely. Keeping a clean internal environment is able to provide a good basis for the recovery of impaired kidney cells. Once these kidney cells can begin to work again, your wife’s overall health will be improved largely.

During the treatment, what patient eats is also very important, because some foods such as cranberry can help improve kidney function, while some foods rich in protein or salt can worsen patients’ condition. Therefore, if you have the test report, you can send it to, so I can help you make a scientific diet plan.

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