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How to Shrink Exophytic Cortical Cyst Naturally

My mom has a CT scan that showed she has a 5.5cm partially exophytic cortical cyst, and she has pain in her side and back for a period of time. The doctor has suggested surgery, but mom refused it. How to shrink exophytic cortical cyst naturally?

The Doctor Answered:

Exophytic cortical cyst is one common type of simple kidney cysts, which usually don’t cause any symptoms unless one of them grow bigger than 3cm or ruptures. Since your mom’s exophytic cortical cyst is 5.5cm, her cysts must have begun to compress the surrounding kidney tissues and caused some damage. Back pain is one common symptoms of big simple kidney cyst. To ease her back pain, cutting off or shrinking the renal cortical cysts is helpful.

Surgery, recommended by the doctor, is mostly used to cut off large kidney cyst especially exophytic. However, any surgery may bring some dangers for patients. What’s more, the surgery for people with kidney cysts may cause the lose of kidney functioning tissues. Therefore, we can deeply understand that your mom don’t want to accept surgery.

In fact, for people with exophytic cortical cyst, we have better treatment, which is a combination of western medicines and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Western medicines are used to ease patients’ symptoms such as back pain, high blood pressure and urinary tract infections, while herbal medicines are used to improve the blood circulation all over the body as well as kidney and increase the permeability of cystic wall. After several days, when they touch their abdomen, they can feel the cysts are becoming soft obviously. Once the cysts are reduced largely, your mom can live without back pain.

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