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Multiple Cysts in the Region of the Central Renal Sinus

My tests show my right kidney is 13.4 centimeters, and the doctor says there are multiple cystic structures in the region of the central renal sinus. What does it mean?

The Doctor Answered:

Normally, the kidney is 10-12cm long. Renal sinus is one important part of kidney and it includes renal artery, renal veins, minor calyx, major calyx, renal pelvis and so on. Parapelvic cysts usually arise from renal sinus and cause some symptoms if they become too bigger. Therefore, the multiple structures in the region of the central renal sinus may be parapelvic cysts.

To make an accurate diagnosis, you may need to do a CT scan or ultrasound. If it indeed is parapelvic cyst, you should accept some treatments to reduce the size of your kidney cysts. The reason is that your kidney has been much larger than the normal value due to the large parapelvic cyst.

Different from other types of kidney cysts, parapelvic cysts are not suitable to be removed through surgery because of their location. Therefore, you can use some conservative therapies like herbal medicines.

After tested again and again, some herbal medicines are proven to have an effect on shrinking parapelvic cysts. However, the detailed medicines to prescribe for you should depend on your specific condition. Make sure you are taking correct medicines before using any medication.

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