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How to Detect Whether Your Creatinine Level Is Really High

Many kidney disease patients think the creatinine decline means their condition is improved, while its increase is a sign of condition deterioration. Well then, how to detect whether your creatinine level is really high?

The Doctor Answered:

To test your creatinine leve, doctors usually take a sample of your blood and do a blood test. Generally, two methods are used to detect creatinine level: picric acid and enzymic method.

In the first method, serum creatinine reacts with Baljet, producing yellow complexes. Then, with colorimetric determination in 510nm of wavelength, the creatinine level can be detected. In the enzymic method, it uses the specific creatinine hydrolytic enzyme to hydrolyze creatinine. Then, it is used to detect creatinine level, through testing the hydrolysate such as NH3 and creatine.

Both of the above two methods are easily to be affected by some substances, leading to inaccurate result. This is one reason why some patients find their test reports are different in two tests.

What should they do? The scientific method is to use these two methods simultaneously. At present, some advanced hospitals have begun to use this method and then make an effective and systemic treatment to lower high creatinine level.

If you are bothered by your elevated creatinine level, you can tell the online doctor, so they can tell you how to deal with it.

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