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FAQs about PKD & Kidney Cysts

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Common Questions About ADPKD that Patients Should Know

I’ve been diagnosed with ADPKD with ruptured cysts, and my mom also has it. I am glad that I find this website. I have a few questions: how does a ruptured cyst feel like? What to expect the day after a ruptured cyst? How to ease back pain in ADPKD?

The Doctor Answered:

ADPKD is abbreviation of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, that is to say, the genes decide its onset. From your description, we can know your ADPKD is more likely to pass from your mother. Then, I will answer your question one by one.

How does a ruptured cyst feel like? When kidney cyst grows to certain size, a knock in the kidney area can cause kidney cyst rupture easily. As the sac fluid flows to other organs, it may lead to kidney cyst infection, sudden or sharp pain in back, blood urine or even sepsis. Even though the ruptured kidney cyst itself feels nothing, but its complications may be pain or severe.

What to expect the day after a ruptured cyst? Once the kidney cyst ruptures, it is more likely to cause the above symptoms. Consult your doctor or the online doctor as soon as you recognize your symptom.

How to ease back pain in ADPKD? In most cases, people with ADPKD find that painkillers can do a little to ease their pain, because they can’t deal with the underlying causes. For example, if your back pain is due to urinary tract infection, drinking relatively more water and antibiotics may be helpful. In addition, diet modifications and quiting alcohol and smoking are also necessary.

If you have other question about ADPKD, welcome to consult our online doctor. We are glad to help you find the answer.

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