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Are 2 Large Cysts in the Left Kidney Serious

I have 2 simple large kidney cysts in my left kidney. One in the upper pole of left kidney is 5.5cm, and the other in the lower pole is 3.6cm. Will they be serious or life-threatening?

The Doctor Answered:

Are 2 Large Cysts in the Left Kidney SeriousThe normal size of our kidneys are 10-12cm long, 5-6cm wide, 3-4cm thick. Each kidney has upper and lower poles. Different parts have their own function. The upper pole mainly refers to part of renal parenchyma, which contains about one million of nephrons, while the lower pole contains pelvic.

Now, your kidney cyst in the upper pole has grown to 5.5cm, and the other one is 3.6cm. They must have affected kidney function. If left untreated, these two cysts will be more and more serious. Therefore, a scientific diet, healthy lifestyle and effective treatments to shrink these cysts are needed urgently. The combination of these three aspects can guarantee your health and avoid further kidney damage.

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