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What Is Cortical Kidney Cyst

My mother complains about the pain in her lower back, so she does ultrasound. The result shows she has a simple cortical cyst in the right kidney and it is 4.6cm. I just want to know what is cortical kidney cyst?

The Doctor Answered:

What Is Cortical Kidney CystRenal cortical cyst, round or oval, can appear in one kidney or both kidneys. Generally, it is benign and arises from renal cortex, one part of renal parenchyma. Simple cortical cysts commonly don’t cause any symptoms unless they grow out of kidneys’ bearing capacity, because of their three characteristics:

1. The wall of simple cortical cyst is quite thin and has no irregularities within it.

2. This type of simple kidney cyst is filled with nothing but fluid.

3. A simple cortical cyst has no risk of becoming a kidney cancer.

When the cortical kidney cyst grows bigger than 3cm, it may cause back pain, hematuria or other symptoms. At that time, correct treatments surgery or some natural remedies are needed urgently.

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