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Is It Dangerous For A Cyst To Burst

When kidney cyst grows too big such as 9cm, it is easily to burst. Then, you may ask whether it is dangerous for a cyst to burst. How about the answer?

The Doctor Answered:

Is It Dangerous For A Cyst To BurstIn most cases, kidney cyst isn’t dangerous if it is small in size. However, with its enlargement, it will press its surrounding kidney tissues or other organs. In turn, the pressure from these tissues and organs may easily cause cyst rupture.

Ruptured kidney cysts can cause pain in the back, sides, abdomen and hips. As sac fluid spreads to other organs, kidney cyst infection may occur. In this condition, system inflammatory response system will react to infection, resulting in sepsis, blood urine and hemorrhage. If left untreated, these symptoms may be life-threatening.

Therefore, it is quite necessary to take prompt treatment when you are found a kidney cyst to burst. If you have back pain, blood urine, urinary tract infection or other symptoms associated to kidney cyst rupture, you leave a message or consult us directly, and we are glad to help you make a suitable treatment plan.

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