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Can People with PKD Drink Alcohol

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease.Now, the largest cyst in my left kidney is 11cm,and the largest cyst in right kidney is 8cm.My doctor suggests me to avoid alcohol,and I have tried my best to do it but failed.Can people with PKD drink al

The Doctor Answered:

Drink Alcohol with polycystic kidney disease A: The answer is no. If you are diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, alcohol must be something you need to avoid. The following factors tell you the reason.

One reason is that alcohol can raise your high blood pressure. For people with PKD, high blood pressure is one big risk for your health. In addition, drinking alcohol may cause severe cardiovascular diseases that can threaten patients’ life.

The other reason is that alcohol is proven to have an effect on accelerating the growth of kidney cysts. Through stimulating the activity of protein in cystic lining cells, which is responsible for secreting sac fluid, more and more fluid fills into cysts, resulting in the enlargement of PKD cysts.

Since your PKD cysts have grown so big, you should avoid alcohol without any hesitation. Besides, you had better limit the intake of coffee, chocolate, cola and some other foods.

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