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Can 4.1cm Kidney Cyst Cause Frequent Urination at Night

My brother has a 4.1 cm kidney cyst on right kidney. Now, he complains of frequent urination at night. Can 4.1 cm kidney cyst cause frequent urination at night?

The Doctor Answered:

Can 4.1cm Kidney Cyst Cause Frequent Urination at NightGenerally, our kidneys can play its role optimally with a kidney cyst in 3cm. 4.1cm kidney cyst has been enough big to affect kidneys’ normal function, but whether this kidney cyst can cause frequent urination at night, it depends on its location.

If the cyst is located in the renal sinus, it usually won’t lead to frequent urine. However, if the cyst develops in the renal cortex, which contains glomeruli and renal tubules, it may cause this symptom.

In our body, renal tubules play reabsorption function to reabsorb large part of water, glucose, amino acid, protein, sodium, potassium and other substances from the crude urine. However, when the kidney tubules are damaged by large kidney cyst, it can do its work normally. As a result, these substances will leak from the body to increase the urine volume.

From the above analysis, we can know kidney cyst indeed can cause frequent urination at night. If you have this problem, tell the doctor timely to find the solution.

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