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Can Kidney Cyst Impact on Sexual Function

I am female and only 40 years old, but yesterday I am tested out a kidney cyst. I feel worried, and I want to know: can kidney cyst impact on sexual function?

The Doctor Answered:

Can Kidney Cyst Impact on Sexual FunctionGenerally speaking, kidney cyst won’t affect your life in any aspect, if it is small in size. This means you can still normal sexual function with small kidney cyst. However, the condition may become different, if your kidney cyst grows gradually.

When the cyst on kidney is larger than 3cm, it may compress its surrounding tissues or organs, leading to the internal environment changes. These changes including hormones, circulation, nerve function and energy level may lower your sexual interest or even sexual ability.

Besides, too large cyst is easy to burst or rupture and then causes urinary tract infections, blood urine or back pain. With these symptoms, you may lose the desire to have a sexual life.

From the above analysis, we can know keeping the kidney cyst in the small size is the key to protect your sexual function.

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