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What Are Tiny Bilateral Renal Cysts

Please, tell me what are tiny bilateral renal cysts. Is it dangerous?

The Doctor Answered:

What Are Tiny Bilateral Renal CystsTiny bilateral renal cysts refer to small renal cysts developing in both kidneys. According to different characteristics, renal cyst can be divided into two types: simple renal cysts and complex renal cysts. No matter which type your cysts are, they usually don’t cause any symptom or problem. However, with the growth of your bilateral renal cysts, you may have the following symptoms:

- Back pain

- Blood urine

- Fever and chills

- Kidney cyst infections

If your kidney cyst is complex, you may suffer from more severe problems like calcification or even kidney cancer, where you have to remove part or all of your kidneys. From this analysis, we can know complex kidney cyst is much more dangerous than simple renal cyst.

Since your bilateral renal cysts are tiny, they may not cause any symptom. In this condition, if your cyst is simple, you just need to take regular examination and develop a healthy diet. However, if your cyst is complex, you need to take effective treatment immediately to prevent kidney cancer. Now, consult the online doctor to see which type your renal cyst is.

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