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Is Soya Milk Good for Renal Cortical Cyst

I just know my father has a 5.8 renal cortical cyst and he has severe lower back pain. Can I give my father soya milk? Is soya milk good for renal cortical cyst?

The Doctor Answered:

Is Soya Milk Good for Renal Cortical Cyst5.8 renal cortical cyst is enough big to cause kidney damage. If your father kidney function is damaged, developing a kidney good diet is very important.

First of all, low protein intake is the general requirement. Since meat protein can produce more waste products and is difficult to digest, people with kidney disease as well as renal cortical cyst are always recommended to get enough protein supplement from plant protein.

Soy products like soya milk is rich in protein, so your father can use it as the alternatives to dairy milk. However, even though soya milk is good for renal cortical cyst, you should make sure how much your father can drink one daily. Tell the online doctor your lover’s illness condition, so the doctor can guide him to consume it correctly.

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