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Is Celery Good for Patients on Dialysis

My father just begins to do dialysis, and his creatinine level is 6.5 and BUN level is 45. Can he eat celery? Is celery good for patients on dialysis?

The Doctor Answered:

Celery is a typically healthy vegetable in our daily life. Because of its good taste and rich nutritions, celery can help deal with various disorders and many people pretty love to eat this vegetable.

For people on dialysis, they are more likely to develop some other disorders such as less urine, high blood pressure, edema, build up of waste products like creatinine and BUN and some other symptoms.

In this condition, eating celery may bring them some benefits. Firstly, because celery contains effective ingredients, apiin, bergapen and essential oil, it can help prevent or treat high blood pressure, high blood fat and atherosclerosis. All of these symptoms are common for patients on dialysis. If you have one of them, celery may be a good choice.

Secondly, dialysis patients usually have less urine that causes fluid and sodium retention easily. Then, swelling appears along with. If dialysis patients still have enough urine, celery can help increase their urine volume and ease swelling. However, if patients don’t have any urine, excess celery will increase the workload on damaged kidneys.

For people on dialysis, diet is quite strict. If any food is eaten incorrectly, it may worsen patients’ condition or cause some other symptoms. Celery is a vegetable that has many healthy benefits but also has some adverse reactions for dialysis patients. Therefore, you should consult the doctor in detail before eating it.

Additionally, dialysis is a life-sustaining therapy for people with end-stage kidney disease, but it can’t replace all of kidney functions. Therefore, long-term dialysis can lead to more and more complications gradually. If you want to eat nearly like healthy people, kidney function improvement is a must.

In our daily, some foods indeed can help boost kidney function. If you are interested, you can read “Foods to Improve Kidney Function Naturally”

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