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One Diabetic Has 22.1*19.4mm Renal Cyst and Frequent Urination

I a diabetic having cyst size 22.1*19.4mm on left kidney. I go for urination at least three times at night. Is frequent urination at night is due to the cyst on the kidney?

The Doctor Answered:

One Diabetic Has 22.1*19.4mm Renal Cyst and Frequent UrinationKidney cyst is a common kidney disorder. Generally, they are benign and non-cancerous, but symptoms or discomforts may occur along with the growth of kidney cyst. 22.1*19.4cm renal cyst is still under the kidney capacity, so frequent urination may not result from this cyst.

Diabetes may be the trigger, because long-term diabetes can cause kidney damage, harden renal arteries and impair renal dilution/concentration function. All of these can cause raised urine output abnormally. In this condition, patients usually don’t have other symptom and their creatinine or BUN level is still normal. However, it does indicate a beginning of kidney function loss.

If left untreated, enlarged kidney cyst and uncontrolled diabetes can cause more and more kidney damage. Then, more severe complication or even kidney failure may occur. If you would like, you can send your test report to, so kidney experts at PKD Clinic can give you some treatment suggestions for free.

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