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Can I Stop Dialysis If My Creatinine level Comes Down

I have suffered from PKD for several years but just do dialysis three times. Fortunately, my creatinine level reduces largely now, so I want to know “can I stop dialysis if creatinine level comes down”.

The Doctor Answered:

Can I Stop Dialysis If My Creatinine level Comes Down  High creatinine level is a severe alarm of heavy loss of kidney function. When your serum creatinine level is more than 5.0mg/dl or you have some several complications, you have to begin dialysis. After several times of dialysis, patients may find their serum creatinine decreases obviously.

Why can dialysis help lower elevated creatinine level? Creatinine is a metabolic product of muscle, and normally the healthy kidney is responsible to filter wastes including creatinine from the body. However, when large part of kidney function has lost, a lot of wastes and toxins will build up in the body and cause some severe complications. Dialysis, an artificial kidney, can replace part of kidney filtering function and remove some wastes from the body. This is why so many patients find their creatinine level decreases after dialysis. However, they can’t stop dialysis, because this treatment is just a replacing treatment but not a repairing kidney function therapy.

If you want to get rid of dialysis, the best treatment is to repair your damaged kidney cells and improve your kidney function.

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