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Should I Be Worried About My Cysts in Right Kidney

My doctor told me I have several cysts on my right kidney. Should I worried? And what should I do?

The Doctor Answered:

Should I Be Worried about Cysts in Right KidneyFirstly, I’d like to know the size of the cysts. Usually, you need to take medical measures when the following several conditions occur:

1. If the kidney cyst is very large, you need to remove or shrink the cyst, because big cyst ruptures easily, which may bring you blood urine, kidney infection, kidney pain and so on. What is worse, big cysts oppress surrounding kidney tissues and may cause kidney damages. Surgery is a choice if you want to remove the cyst immediately. However, if you just want to get the cyst shrunk, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is based on Chinese herbs and cause no side effects.

2. If the cyst enlarges over time, you need to take some medical conditions too. Usually, when kidney cyst enlarges to a certain size, they will cause kidney damages which can run to kidney failure directly without proper treatment.

3. Do you have any symptoms like high blood pressure, blood urine, protein in urine and back pain and so on? All these symptoms can be caused by decreased kidney function, so if you have these symptoms, I suggest you go to hospital for further tests, so as to know whether your kidney function has been affected. If your kidney function is unfortunately impaired, please remember to take some actions to improve your kidney function. For an individual with kidney damages, his residual kidney tissues are bearing a heavy burden and if this condition last for a long time, further kidney damages will be caused.

The above are the several conditions which need you to take medical measures quickly. However, if your cysts are small (less than 3cm) and do not enlarge over time, you need not to worry about it. Under such a condition, what you need to do is to keep these cysts under close observation and once they tend to affect your kidney, remove or shrink them immediately.

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