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Is Patients' Back Pain Caused by Renal Cyst

Simple renal cyst is very common for many people especially the elder. Most often, it won’t cause any symptoms, but some people with renal cyst are suffering from back pain. Is patients' back pain caused by renal cyst?

The Doctor Answered:

Is Patients’ Back Pain Caused by Renal Cyst  Simple renal cyst won’t cause any symptoms only if these cysts are small and no of them ruptures. However, if some of them grow too big or one of them ruptures, some severe complications will occur. Back or side pain is a common symptom of renal cyst.

One reason is that back pain can be caused by renal cyst which is bigger than 4cm. When renal cyst is larger than 4cm, it will oppress its surrounding organs and cause kidney damage. If uncontrolled effectively, it may cause irreversible kidney damage and affect patients’ overall healthy to a large extent.

The other reason is that back pain can be caused by the rupture of renal cyst. When one fluid-filled cyst ruptures, the sac fluid will spread to other organs and cause urinary tract infections easily. As a result, back pain and blood urine occur without any expectation.

If you are a patient with renal cyst and suffering from back pain, you had better accept treatment timely.

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