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Does 2cm Renal Cyst Need Specific Treatment

Recently, I am found that there is a 2cm cyst in my kidney. I feel very worried, because my mother died from renal cyst ten years ago. Does 2cm renal cyst need specific treatment? Is there a safe treatment to help me?

The Doctor Answered:

Does 2cm Renal Cyst Need Specific Treatment  Simple renal cyst is benign and usually won’ t be life-threatening if controlled effectively. 2cm renal cyst is not too big to affect your life. Whether you need specific condition should depend on your condition. If you only have one renal cyst but no other symptoms such as high blood pressure, protein in urine, blood urine and back pain, the only treatment you need is just to develop a healthy diet, do moderate exercise and take regular examination.

However, the treatment will be quite different if you have had one or more severe symptoms, because if left untreated, your condition will become worse and worse. Here, only relying on healthy lifestyle can’t work very well, so you are recommended to take treatment to shrink your kidney cyst. Make sure whether you have had any symptoms before taking any therapy.

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