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Can People with Polycystic Kidney Disease Eat Tuna

Tuna is always considered as a good food choice for children. However, once one person, who loves to eat tuna, is diagnosed with PKD, he may not help but ask “can people with Polycystic Kidney Disease eat tuna”.

The Doctor Answered:

Can People with Polycystic Kidney Disease Eat Tuna  Generally, whether a person with PKD can consume some certain food is decided by the food’s nutrition and benefits. In clinical, tuna mainly has several benefits:

● Loss weight

● Protect liver and improve liver function

● Prevent hardening of the arteries

● Prevent anemia caused by lack of iron

● Improve amino acids necessary for human body

● Regulate immune system

● Keep the body fluid in the normal level

From the above analysis, we can know tuna is good for most patients with PKD. However, it doesn’t mean every patient with PKD can consume tuna. The reason is that tuna also contains potassium and phosphorus. If you are a patient with PKD and have high potassium or phosphorus level, you had better limit the intake of tuna.

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