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22*25cm Simple Cortical Cyst in the Lower Region of Left Kidney

My age is 57 and I am having 22*25 mm simple cortical cyst in the lower region of left kidney. How serious is this cyst? What can I do in daily life?

The Doctor Answered:

Kidney cyst or renal cyst are round fluid-filled packet that formed in the kidneys. And it usually consists of two parts: simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. In normal condition, the cysts are benign and cause no symptoms. If not controlled well, the cysts will increase both in numbers and sizes and they may lead to many symptoms. Such as, high blood pressure, back pain or abdominal pain, blood in urine and so on.

Given your illness condition, this disease is not that serious. And you are suggested to do some regular check-ups and obey a healthy diet.

Generally, the principle of diet can be like this: high-vitamin, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein and low-salt, which is beneficial for controlling renal cysts.

In addition, you are suggested to avoid spicy foods, processed foods, rotten foods, left-overs and so on. As for the drinks, you can take some herbal teas, such as green tea and dandelion tea.

After the above introductions, we hope that it is beneficial for you. Anything unclear, you can email Best wishes!

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