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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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FAQs about PKD

Various FAQs about PKD can help patients know more about this disease and find the best treatment option to help avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. > FAQs >

A Tender, Painful Knot in Back of PKD Patient

I have PKD and had a very tender, painful knot in my back. What do you think that was? I don't believe it was a cyst that popped....Read More

Difference Between Single Cysts and PKD

The CT scan showed 7 cysts on left kidney. Can you tell me the difference between single cysts and PKD, please....Read More

How to Know If a Kidney Stone Passes or Kidney Cyst Burst

I had a sharp dull pain that wouldn’t go away all night and then the next morning total relief followed by blood in the urine for several hours. How do I know is a kidney stone or kidney cyst burst?...Read More

Ways to Reduce Kidney Cyst Size and Decrease Their Count

Hi I am 33, suffering from polycystic kidney disorder. Is there any way to reduce the size of cysts or decrease their count?...Read More

Cause and Remedy for Watery Stool in Patients on Dialysis

My father who is 54 and under hemodialysis once a week. He passes watery tar like stool nearly 10 times a day. Why this occurs and is there any remedy?...Read More

How to Treat Urgent Urination With 1.8 cm Simple Kidney Cyst

I have a 1.8 simple kidney cyst urgent constant urination and minimal output? What should I do?...Read More

Is There Any Association Between PKD and Lymphedema

I am just looking because I have PKD, and I also have lymphedema in one leg, but it doesn't seem to be because of kidney malfunction, as the lymphedema happened when I was 15. However, I wanted to see if there was an association....Read More

Does Arm Edema Cause Kidney Cyst

I have an ultrasound last Saturday I found out that I have a cortical cyst in my left kidney. I’ve worried because my left arm have an edema. Is this cause of the cysts in my kidney?...Read More

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