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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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FAQs about PKD

Various FAQs about PKD can help patients know more about this disease and find the best treatment option to help avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. > FAQs >

Complications of Kidney Cyst

My mother is having a simple cortical cyst measuring 46x42mm in the mid-pole of the kidney. Is there any complication?...Read More

Will Drinking Plenty of Fluid Help Shrink Kidney Cyst

Question: My age is 25 and I am Male. In USG report they found multiple cyst in my both kidney, and they advice to consume lots of fluids and to take USG after 1 year. I am worried now. I dont consume alcohol and smoke, either. Why I have th...Read More

How Can Kidney Cysts Be Treated

Question: Hi! I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for pain or cramps on my lower left abdomen and the doctor did a urine test. The result is I have blood in my urine. She send me for X-ray for my kidney and found 2 cysts in my left kidney. ...Read More

10 years Old With Complex Renal Cyst

My 10 years old son has been diagnosed with complex renal cyst? Is it serious? What should I do deal with that? Please help me....Read More

Does Beer Affect Your Creatinine Level

My doctors have done blood work on me and says my creatinine levels are higher then before. Can this be related to drinking heavily mostly on weekends. Looking forward to your answer....Read More

Size of Belly After Kidney Transplant in PKD

I had a transplant of kidney in 2008. All reports till three months have been normal. But lately my belly is bloating and every year i am putting on weight by five kg. These days my belly is bloating from the above the center of the stomach ...Read More

Should 6cm cyst on left kidney and 4cm on right Be Removed

I have a 6 cm cyst on left kidney and 4 cm on right. Shouldthe cysts be removed?...Read More

Management of Leg Pain in Kidney Failure

My mother had kidney failure three years ago, and then she began to take dialysis. She barely leaves the bed, and has much weight loss because of a poor appetite and poor sleep quality. Now she feels leg pain every day, and the pain spreads the whole ...Read More

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