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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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FAQs about PKD

Various FAQs about PKD can help patients know more about this disease and find the best treatment option to help avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. > FAQs >

How to Reduce High Creatinine Levels 1.9 and Recover Renal Function 29%

I am a patient who has high creatinine levels 1.9 and my doctor has told me that I have only 29% kidney function. What should I do? Can you give me some advice?...Read More

Can 25% Renal Function be Improved in a Natural Way

My doctor has told me that I have only 25% renal function. And he advised me to do dialysis. Can the remaining kidney function in a natural way?...Read More

How to Relieve the Aching in the Lower Back

Dear sir, I have a trouble needing your help. For three days ago, I began to feel aching in the lower back. I want to know the method to relieve the aching in the lower back. ...Read More

Renal Cyst and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Recently, I felt back pain and lack of energy. Then, I went to my doctor and he said that I have renal cysts in my right kidney. Does it mean that I have polycystic kidney disease?...Read More

Which Foods that Will be Good for Patients with Renal Cyst

Recently, I was diagnosed with renal cyst no more than 3 cm. Doctor advises me to pay attention to the daily diet. Which foods that will be good for patients with renal cyst?...Read More

What Should I Do with High Creatinine Level 7.5

I am diagnosed with high creatinine level 7.5. My doctor told me that if my illness condition timely, creatinine level may develope into kidney failure. What should I do to lower high creatinine level?...Read More

Is Food Containing Potassium Bad for Renal Cyst Patients

One of my friend has renal cyst. The doctor said that he can’t eat the food containing potassium. But the daily food contains much of potassium. Therefore, I would like to know: Is food containing potassium bad for renal cyst patients?...Read More

What Should Patients Do to Cope with Kidney Cyst 4.5 cm

I have a kidney cyst 4.5 cm and I’m suffering from back pain for the recent two weeks. What should I do to cope with this disease? Can I get rid of the pain? I need your help....Read More

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