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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

Can Aloe Vera Help Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

2013-05-07 15:38

Can Aloe Vera Help Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)Aloe vera is considered to be a miracle for health because of its numerous benefits. Some people say they have heard that aloe vera is good for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients. Is this statement true? Can aloe vera help treat Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)?

Boost the immune system: Aloe vera is usually known by us because of its benefits for skin care. In fact, it also has many other health benefits. We know people with PKD especially end-stage PKD are more likely to have immune disorder because the enlarged kidney cysts may replace normal kidney function. Aloe vera with its immune enhancers can help reverse immune disorders and improve these patients’ immunity.

Help treat respiratory diseases: Deep breath, cold or short of breath is a common symptom of PKD. Aloe vera can help these patients get rid of cold, flues, bronchitis, herpes, stuffy noses and other respiratory disorders.

Contains rich vitamins: Aloe vera is great source of vitamin including vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, C and E, folic acid and niacin. Drinking a daily dose of aloe vera can enhance body defense system.

Remove wastes and toxins from the body: Aloe vera has laxative properties that can help solve digestive tract problems and make the kidney eliminate more wastes and toxins from the body. When the kidneys work in a clean internal environment, they can play their function better.

In addition, copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, etc, is also found in this plant. Therefore, if your blood test is normal, drinking a glass of aloe vera one daily is good for you with a feeling of well-being. Many other foods can also help you slow down the progression of your condition. Arranging a healthy diet with the guideline of kidney experts is very necessary.

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