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Q : PKD: Is Kidney Transplant Advisable at His Age

A : Hi, my husband has polycystic kidneys. His age is 69, will be 70 in October. I would like t...

Q : CKD Stage 5, GFR 7 and Creatinine 570: What Can I Do

A : I am CKD stage 5 with GFR 7 and creatinine of 570, what can I do as of now? ...

Q : Natural Way to Cure Pain Caused by Kidney Cyst

A : I have a cyst on my kidney (I don’t know the size) that’s causing me quite a bit of pai...

Q : Stage 3 CKD, Kidney Function 48%: Is It Reversible and How Bad Is This?

A : Last week I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. My doctor told me I am at 48...

Q : Is There Any Way to Stop PKD Stage 3 Worsening

A : Hello. I found out from a routine scan that I had polycystic kidneys. I am in stage 3, and ...

Q : What Should I Do to Lower Creatinine 5.07 with PKD

A : Sir, my mother is diagnosed PKD. Creatinine level was first detected to be 2.1 in 2010, the...

Q : Will I Need Surgery with A 8cm Renal Cyst

A : I have a 8cm cyst on kidney. Will I need surgery?...

Q : PKD, Creatinine 5.3 and BUN 200: How to Heal

A : My wife is a polycystic kidney disease patient. Her creatinine is 5.3 and BUN 200. Can you ...


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