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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

Do Not Want to Have High Creatinine and Uremia? Do These 4 Things as Early as Possible

2018-08-16 09:47

Do Not Want to Have High Creatinine and Uremia? Do These 4 Things as Early as PossibleWhen it comes to creatinine, most people think of uremia. As one of the typical indicators of kidney disease, serum creatinine can reflect kidney condition and divide CKD into five stages. Besides, serum creatinine is one of the factors that worsen kidney damage. Therefore, it is important to reduce creatinine in time to prevent damage to the kidneys.

But many renal patients have such a problem: there is no specific medicine for high creatinine. Does it mean high creatinine is incurable? And you have to live with high creatinine forever? Of course not.

How to reduce creatinine as much as possible, keep creatinine stable, and minimize damage to kidney function? Do these four things early, and the impact on kidney function will be minimal:

To control primary disease and protect renal function at the same time

Creatinine is a kind of "garbage" in the body that should be excreted in time, but because of the decline of renal function, it cannot be discharged, which in turn damages the kidneys. So the focus is on repairing renal function. Different pathological types of kidney disease have different factors that cause kidney damage. Therefore, it is important to treat the primary disease. For example, Diabetic Nephropathy. The first thing to do is to control diabetes well and stabilize blood sugar level so as to provide a good environment for kidney self-healing and strengthen the metabolism of toxins, such as creatinine.

Do not underestimate those medications for high creatinine.

Some common drugs, such as Aixite carbon tablets, can accelerate the excretion of creatinine from the intestinal tract by absorbing the metabolites such as creatinine in the intestines and stomach. Chinese patent medicine such as Niaoduqing exerts the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, reducing the blockage in renal tissues and strengthening the metabolism of serum creatinine. And then there's the new anti-creatinine compound called Ketosteril, which binds to the ammonia in creatinine to form the beneficial amino acids so as to reduce the burden on the kidneys, but it is relatively expensive. In addition, some traditional Chinese medicine treatment, is also conducive to the discharge of toxins, such as acupuncture, medicated bath. They can strengthen blood metabolism.

Some patients say they take a lot of medications, but feel little effect. In fact, it's not the drug that doesn't work, but when your kidney is damaged faster than it can be treated, it causes metabolites like creatinine to produce more. Therefore, in addition to medication, it is also important to protect residual renal function.

Besides reducing creatinine level, do not ignore other indicators.

As an indicator of renal function, creatinine is closely related to other indicators, such as blood sugar, blood pressure, uric acid, urea nitrogen, proteinuria and so on. These indicators maintain the balance of metabolic system. Once there is an abnormality, other indicators will also be affected. For example, hypertension can aggravate the retention of sodium and water, resulting in renal ischemic blood pressure. When renal function reduces, creatinine level will naturally rise. Therefore, while reducing creatinine, other indicators can not be ignored.

Only if all of them are controlled in the normal range can we guarantee the long-term stability of creatinine and will not cause the decline of renal function.

Dietary management is indispensable to reduce creatinine.

Creatinine is the product of human body muscle metabolism. Too much meat intake can also affect the production of creatinine. Kidney patients with high creatinine should adhere to a high-quality and low-quantity protein diet. High-quality protein foods include meat, eggs, milk, and some soy products. Among them, meat food should choose white meat such as fish and chicken as far as possible, and eat with other foods such as eggs and milk. The meat should not exceed 50g per day, which can not only guarantee nutrition but also not worry about increased creatinine.

Now you know how to control creatinine level and prevent uremia. For more information on high creatinine, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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