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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

To Reduce Creatinine, Many Therapies and Medicines Are False

2018-08-22 08:37

To Reduce Creatinine, Many Therapies and Medicines Are FalseCreatinine is a small molecule waste produced by meat metabolism. Serum creatinine is used clinically to determine the stage of renal failure. It is generally believed that:

133-177umol/L is the compensatory period of renal function;

186-442umol/L is the decompensation period of renal function.

443-707umol/L is kidney failure stage;

Over 707umol/L is uremia.

Why is kidney damage measured by creatinine?

Because of the strong compensatory function of the kidneys, mild damage does not cause a rise in serum creatinine, so a significant rise in serum creatinine usually indicates an insufficiency of kidney function.

Blood creatinine is usually referenced in conjunction with urea nitrogen, both of which, if exceeded, can identify kidney failure. Urea nitrogen is the end product of protein metabolism, and its elevation often occurs when kidney function is severely impaired.

Elevation of creatinine is not usually treated directly. Only when it's above 500 umol/L, hemodialysis is possibly to taken to cleanse the blood. When the disease goes into uremia stage, dialysis becomes the only treatment.

But dialysis is no cure for increased creatinine. Why?

Because dialysis is just a cleaning device, it can not prevent the production and elevation of creatinine. In addition, dialysis can only clean up small molecules in the blood, and for medium and large molecules, it can do nothing. Fortunately, the blood purification technology has been developed, and new technologies such as plasma exchange and blood filtration can solve the problem of medium and large molecules.

We know that serum creatinine is only significantly elevated when kidney function is severely impaired. So the question becomes how to prevent kidney function from continuing to be damaged, that is, to prevent renal cells from death. Obviously, dialysis can not do that, and so are western medicines like Ai Xi Te and Niao Du Qing.

In fact, the value of creatinine is to stable rather than lowering.

We should understand that a kidney patient with a blood-creatinine at 400 umol/l cannot be treated to reduce creatinine to normal levels because damaged kidney units cannot be restored. (except creatinine elevation due to acute renal failure)

Treatment focuses on the recuperation from the cellular level, clearing up the immune complexes deposited in the kidney by activating blood circulation, and improving the renal ischemia by promoting microcirculation, so as to prevent the continued necrosis of renal cells and allow the existing renal function to play a role. It not only removes toxins, but also improves the microcirculation to maintain renal function, so as to control the stability of creatinine.

A lot of hospitals take advantage of Chinese medicine enema therapy to lower serum creatinine so as to make indicators on lab report turn good, creating the illusion of recovery. You should know what treatment is good for you.

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