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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

Can Papaya Cause Creatinine Level to High

2013-07-15 10:56

Can Papaya Cause Creatinine Level to HighCan papaya cause creatinine level to high? When people are tested out high creatinine level, they are always remind of the importance of healthy eating, because some certain foods may lead to higher creatinine level. Is papaya available for people with elevated creatinine level?

Papaya and kidneys

In most countries, papaya is well-known as a great food to loss weight and keep good figure, because of its rich nutritions and low calorie. For general population, papaya is able to help kidneys to remove wastes and toxins from the body and improve the immune system.

However, the situation will be different, when the kidneys are damaged severely. Generally, creatinine level won’t be higher than the normal unless more than 50% of kidney function is damaged. If you have high creatinine level, papaya may be something you have to avoid.

Why should you steer clear of papaya?

One reason is that papaya is the rare fruit rich in protein. As we know, creatinine is a waste product broken down from protein. Normally, healthy kidneys are responsible for filtering out these waste products, thus keeping creatinine level in the normal level.

When the kidneys are damaged severely, they can remove protein products optimally, resulting in high creatinine level. At this time, excess protein intake will increase the workload on kidneys to cause more wastes building up in the body. Therefore, creatinine level raises to some extent.

The other reason is that papaya contains two specific enzymes called papain and chymopapain, which help prompt the decomposition of protein both small and large. In this process, your body can get enough amino acids, but some waste products like creatinine are also produced.

To reduce high creatinine level, a kidney good diet is very important. If you want to find what foods can help lower creatinine level and what foods may elevate creatinine level, you can leave a message or send email to, so I can send you a food list in detail.

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