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High Creatinine Levels & Kidney Disease

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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High Creatinine Levels

Most often, patients with PKD are tested high serum creatinine by age 40-50. Elevated creatinine level is an alarm of a heavy loss of kidney function. > High Creatinine Levels >

Reduce High Creatinine Level 5.24 in PKD without Dialysis

Advanced PKD will cause kidney damage and lead the increasing of creatinine level. What should we do to improve kidney condition and avoid further damage, as well as reduce creatinine level without dialysis? PKD is a genetic disorder that l...Read More

PKD and High Creatinine Level 4.5: Can Natural Treatment Improve That

PKD will cause enlargement of kidney size, and once it happened, creatinine level will increased. What should we d if creatinine level is increased into 4.5? Can natural treatment help? What is PKD? PKD is a genetic disorder that causes num...Read More

High Creatinine Level 4.5 in Polycystic Kidney Disease: What about Natural Treatment

High creatinine level , such as 4.5, is almost in kidney failure stage. What treatment can help release the high creatinine level and improve the physical condition? Creatinine level 4.5 is high, almost in kidney failure stage. But it is no...Read More

CKD Stage 4 and Toxin-Removing Therapy: Anemia and Its Risks

Anemia can be divided into two type: lack of iron that can not produce red blood cells, or lack of red blood cells which are destroyed by toxins. In kidney stage four, it may caused by toxins that damage re blood cells. Toxin-Removing Thera...Read More

Development of Kidney Disease: Five Stage from Kidney Disease to ESRD

There are five stage from first stage kidney disease, kidney inflammation to end stage renal disease. Time in these five stage is different, and patients feeling also. First stage: kidney inflammation. Most patients are in this stage(some p...Read More

High Creatinine Level and Toxin-Removing Therapy: Is This Effect

High creatinine level is a sign of kidney damage. Severe kidney condition is close related to high creatinine level. And natural treatment is a slow effect treatment, can this treatment be used in this stage? High creatinine level is caused...Read More

Scr 900+ in Diabetic Nephropathy How to Improve Kidney Condition

Scr, serum creatinine, is widely used in kidney disease to measuring kidney damage and the stage of kidney disease. When in 900+, it indicates a End Stage Renal Disease. Combined with Diabetic Nephropathy, is there a method that can improve...Read More

Reduce High Creatinine Level 5.9 in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease , a genetic disorder that resulting multiple cysts with fluids grow in kidneys. Advanced kidney disease can cause damage in renal tissue and increase the creatinine level. Which treatment can help lower the creatin...Read More

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