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Can Renal Cyst Evolve into Kidney Cancer

2014-03-31 15:29

Can Renal Cyst Evolve into Kidney CancerWith the increasing incidence of renal disease , many patients have a variety of worries. For example, is renal cyst serious? Can kidney cyst evolve into kidney cancer? I sincerely hope that everybody can be focus on the knowledge of those renal diseases. The following article will give you a detailed analysis.

Is renal cyst serious?

Renal cyst belongs to non-cancerous tumor. Someone considers it as renal cystic diseases.

The reason causing renal cyst is related to congenital glomerular abnormalities, abnormal renal tubular structure and acquired injury infection. Though it’s not a genetic disease, patients need to treat it actively to control the illness condition.

Can kidney cyst evolve into kidney cancer?

In general, patients with renal cyst have no obvious symptoms. Some of them will feel back pain or kidney pain due to the continuous growth of cyst. Some big renal cyst will oppress the ureteral or calyces neck, which will lead to hydronephrosis and secondary infection. Then, some symptoms such as back pain, fever and urinary tract infection will occur. Simple renal cyst wall can develop into capsule wall canceration. And the canceration rate is about 1%. We should be alert to cancer when the happening of cyst accompanied with hemorrhage. To stop the worsening condition, Chinese treatment is recommended for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine has a stable curative effect on improving renal function and shrinking kidney cyst. The unique function can make the injured renal function work normally, expel the toxins and excess water out of the body, remove the immunity complex and other harmful substance to enhance kidney function. It is called “green therapy” to treat various renal diseases.

Through the above description, I believe you have a general understanding about “can renal cyst evolve into kidney cancer”. Paying attention to the daily life and forming a good habit can prevent kidney cancer effectively. Wish you good health.

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